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Veterinary Services in Clinton, Massachusetts

Depend on the experts at Clinton Veterinary Hospital in Clinton, Massachusetts, for quality veterinary services. We offer surgical care with anesthesia, regular examinations, and vaccinations.

Surgeries & Procedures Requiring Anesthesia

  • Feline Spay
  • Feline Neuter
  • Feline Dental
  • Feline Declaw (Front Only)
  • Canine Spay
  • Canine Neuter
  • Canine Dental
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
Cat and dog — Emergency Services Veterinarians in Clinton, MA
Cat and Husky dog — Emergency Services Veterinarians in Clinton, MA

Well Care & Yearly Exam

During a well care or yearly exam, we check your pet's condition. We offer vaccinations whenever required.

Sick Exam

When your pet is sick, bring them to our veterinary hospital for a sick exam. A sick exam is a scheduled visit for anything other than a yearly or recheck visit.

Emergency Exam

If you pet is injured, we also offer emergency care outside of normal appointment hours. You can walk in or schedule an appointment for an emergency exam.

Recheck & Follow-up Exam

After your pet has been seen at our hospital, we offer rechecks and follow-up exams to make sure they are doing well. This is necessary for second and third visits for your puppy or kitten.
Cat Vaccinations & Tests
  • Rabies (One Year or a Three Year)
  • FVRCP (Feline Distemper) Booster
  • FVRCP #1 for Kittens
  • FVRCP #2 for Kittens
  • FeLV (Feline Leukemia) Booster
  • FeLV #1 for Kittens
  • FeLV #2 for Kittens
  • Feline Triple Snap Test (Tests for Feline AIDS, Leukemia, & Heartworms)
Dog Vaccinations & Tests
  • DA2PP-LcVK (Canine Distemper)
  • DA2PP-LcVK #1 for Puppies
  • DA2PP-LcVK #2 for Puppies
  • DA2PP-LcVK #3 for Puppies
  • Lyme Disease Booster
  • Lyme #1 for Puppies
  • Lyme #2 for Puppies Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • H3N8 (Canine Influenza) #1
  • H3N8 #2
  • H3N8 Booster
  • 4Dx Test (Tests for Heartworm & Three Tick
  • Diseases, including Lyme)
  • Fecal Exams
Contact us in Clinton, Massachusetts, to schedule an appointment for an exam or vaccination for your pet.